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Segno speciale di copia / registro e altri caratteri speciali html (pdf api)

Ciao, vorrei print a register-mark such as ® or © with the pdf API. How can I do that?

I noticed that the ç-character, for instance, works fine. Are there any known quirks on this matter?


Asked by Rhinestone66 on the 2nd of October 2020


Do you mean in a PDF template or the main content because those characters work fine in the main content as far as I can see.

Kind Regarda

Risposta da GrabzIt Support il 2 ottobre 2020

Special symbols are now also supported in PDF and DOCX templates.

Risposta da GrabzIt Support il 2 ottobre 2020

I meant the pdf template indeed. I can see it works fine now. I appreciate the quick reply and the actions you took.



Answered by Rhinestone66 on the 8th of October 2020

Nessun problema! risata

Risposta del supporto GrabzIt il 8 ottobre 2020